July 23-July 27
Needle Felting Sculpture  
Students will learn to card, dye and needle felt fleece from our own angora goats, Pearl, and Verna. Create little animals or people, sea stars and urchins, or maybe a new pair of slippers?..
Ages: 10-15
Monday-Friday  10:00-2:00         

$250.                Book Online

August 21-25
Garden Inspiration
Art comes in all forms.  It takes more than studio work to enrich the sense of self. This class looks to the garden for inspiration. Projects include mosaic tiles, bottle cap stepping stones, calendula  balm and other fun ideas for and from the garden.
Ages 7-13
Monday-Friday 10:00-2:00   

$250.              Book Online

Painting Techniques:

Oil, Encaustic, and Gouache 

Wednesdays, September 11- November 13

7:00-9:00pm       $250.   

This 10 week introduction to painting will give students a sense of direction for future painting choices. Advanced painters are welcome to join to hone skills. Always learn new things.

Oil painting is my favorite of all techniques because for me it is the most sensual of all materials. Its texture is smooth and rich, the dry time is slow to allow for blending and the scent of turpentine sets the mood perfectly.

Encaustic painting uses bee's wax and pigment to apply rather than "paint". It is perfect for my obsessive nature-I enjoy the process of planning layers and the action of scoring and scraping through the wax. The heavenly beeswax just smells like creativity.

Gouache Painting has become vital for my work because of its accessibility.   Time is precious and this material allows me to paint any time, any where. Gouache paint is an opaque watercolor, and is a great choice for graphic designs.  Painting on paper also gives me the freedom to experiment with composition and ideas.

Ages 18 and up 

Book online

August 7-August 11
Games From Around the World
The child, to learn at all, must play. This class looks at the origins of common children’s games.Through Hula Hoops, dice, and jump ropes, we learn that kids play the same no matter when or where they are born.
Ages 7-13
Monday-Friday 10:00-2:00     

$250.               Book Online

July 31-August 4
Masterworks     FULL
The on going study of many amazing artists and styles throughout history will inspire young artists to create their own masterpieces. Students learn painting techniques  and styles using a variety of materials.
Ages: 7-15
Monday-Friday  10:00-2:00         

$250.                Book Online

August 6 - August 10  

SilkScreening    FULL    

Printmaking is a great way to learn design and process.  In this class, kids will learn the value of patience and planning when wearing the results in their own designed T-shirts. 

Ages: 10-15
Monday-Friday  10:00-2:00         

$250.                Book Online

July 13-17    FULL

Scientific drawing

So much of our lives are spent looking at the big picture. This class looks at the tiny to understand this big picture.  We will study details of plants, animals and insects to see the similarity in patterns, shape, color and line.  

Ages 7-16

Monday-Friday 10:00-2:00

$300              Book Online

July 6-10

Landscape Painting

This class is on an adventure to explore our neighborhood for inspiration for painting.  We will look for shapes, colors, and lines that are common in our architecture and street designs. Plus some lovely mountain-scapes seen in the far off distance will teach us about foreground, middle ground and background.

Ages 10-16

Monday-Friday 10:00-2:00


Mosaics  and Collage
April 5- May 24

Do you like puzzles?  I have all the pieces you’ll need to create mosaics, collage and found object masks.  These processes use design principles, and teach organization and planning. Made from 99% recycled materials. Classes can be joined at any time throughout the session. Pay $25 per class or purchase a pass for 8 classes for $200

Wednesdays 430-6:30

Ages: 6 and up     Book Online

July 9-July 13Encaustic PaintingThere’s nothing like the smell of bee’s wax to get you motivated to create. In this class, young artists learn the basic techniques of mixing pigment with bee’s wax and the  use of tools for application processes of this ancient form of painting.Ages 10-15       Monday-Friday 10:00-2:00         $250.        Book Online

Ceramic Rain Chains
The rainy season is upon us and what better way to appreciate it than watching it run down a rain chain that you made yourself? Gain peace and tranquility while making ceramic cones attached with wire to chain.

April 19-June 8

Wednesdays 7:00-9:00pm
                              Book Online   $200.

August 14-18
Paper Mache  Sculpture

Paper Mache is a fun way to create sculptures using recycled paper products.  Artists will choose from the functional: bowls, platters, or vases, to the playful: masks, pinatas, or puppets. Paper Mache is one of my favorite mediums because of its simplicity and accessibility, making  boredom a thing of the past.  
Ages 7-13
Monday-Friday 10:00-2:00   

$250.                Book Online

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