It's SPRING and all the world is creating! City Art Farm is thrilled to announce two new offerings: a class on creative processes, Head and Hand by guest teacher Janice Fournier and an ongoing open studio option for those of you who like to work independently. Plus I'm offering two 8-week sessions on beginning painting. Come join the fun! 

NEW Head and Hand  a different kind of art class

March 16–April 20 (no class March 30)

Saturdays, 10:00–12:00


If you’ve ever thought of yourself as a “hesitant artist” or felt that your creative self never fully developed, this class is for you. There will be no models to follow, no masters to copy, no particular “techniques” to grasp, and no evaluation of “good” and “bad.” Instead, in purposefully sequenced activities, you’ll play with materials (widgets, clay, pipe cleaners, etc.), document your experiments, and tune in to what you perceive in your head and hands.


The class is designed to help you grow – to discover what you, dear unique YOU, find most compelling and satisfying in your creative process, and tend it with love.


For Grownups of any age

$125 for 5-week session. Register now

Facilitator: Janice Fournier | Questions about this class? Call (206) 985-8001


NEW Drop-In Open Studio  

March 8–June 21 

Fridays, 4:00–6:00


This time is set aside for independent learning and creating. It's a good time to try new ideas or create that special gift for any occasion.


Ages 6-Grownups of any age

$25 per day, pay as you go    


Beginning Painting Techniques  Oil, Encaustic, & Gouache

March 6–April 24 (Session A), May 1–June 19 (Session B)

Wednesdays, 7:00–9:00


The introduction to these materials will give you a sense of direction for future painting choices. Advanced painters are welcome to join to hone skills. Always learn new things.

Oil painting is my favorite of all techniques because for me it is the most sensual of all materials. Its texture is smooth and rich, the dry time is slow to allow for blending and the scent of turpentine sets the mood perfectly.

Encaustic painting uses bee's wax and pigment to apply rather than "paint". It is perfect for my obsessive nature-I enjoy the process of planning layers and the action of scoring and scraping through the wax. The heavenly beeswax just smells like creativity.

Gouache Painting has become vital for my work because of its accessibility.   Time is precious and this material allows me to paint any time, any where. Gouache paint is an opaque watercolor, and is a great choice for graphic designs.  Painting on paper also gives me the freedom to experiment with composition and ideas.

For Grownups of any age

$200 for 8-week session. Register now

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paintings2005 06 035.jpg